TopicWhat Should I Eat If I Have Candida?

  • Wed 2nd Dec 2020 - 8:26am

    Today, we eat a wide variety of processed foods, but very few whole foods. Think over your last week. How many Purelife Organics vegetable and fruit varieties did you eat? Most people will have eaten very few, having chosen to consume only the most basic of options such as bananas and apples, and many won't even have eaten those. Instead, many people have diets today that include such things as an excess of salt, sugar, and fat, most of which is derived from processed food sources.

    That is why so many people today are obese or diabetic. That is why the number of illness related deaths is growing, while the number of athletic activities that people pursue are increasingly practiced by fewer people.This is all a stark reminder that many of our dietary choices today are inferior to that practiced by human beings before the advent of agriculture.

    It behooves us then to learn about the way our ancestors used to eat, and seek to emulate their diets as best we can so as to increase our general health and remain healthier and alive for longer. We must learn to look beyond our assumptions about modernity and science making what is available today the best for us, and actually investigate the reality about us, what works and what has led us down the road to malnutrition and illness. It is only through such rigorous investigations that we can take control of our lives.

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