TopicNCAA Division 1 FBS Football - Who Will Be The Next to Move Up?

  • Wed 2nd Dec 2020 - 8:38am

    In most scenarios for this offense, the running back plays one of two  Football Winner Review  roles, receiver or blocking back. However one high school coach reports great success using the running back as a decoy. The RB is lined up next the quarterback and at the snap takes one step forward the breaks sharply to his inside. The results have been to freeze the middle linebacker. Even if the linebacker does not go with the back, his eyes must follow him to determine if he is part of the play.

    A very effective strategy to help receivers gaining that extra step, especially on the inside slant routes. In effect he uses the running back as a receiver, decoy and blocking back which he can be simply by cutting in front to the quarterback after the snap.

    How to be even more successful: Many high school coaches recommend developing your own quick passing game plays based on your talent and offensive schemes. They report by making it a separate attack from your shotgun, screen, sprint draws and play-action series, will give you a better edge over the defense, catching them by surprise.

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